The Dessert Ladies

New Jersey, USA

The Dessert Ladies

Geraldine Keogh and Lindsay Keogh Smith are America's first and only mother/daughter producers of gourmet dessert bar events
for celebration and corporate clients.

Geraldine and Lindsay are also the co-owners of
Biens Chocolate Centerpieces, a new startup that offers
the world's first customizable mail order chocolate cake truffle towers.



How a small business learned to thrive during COVID-19

Geraldine Keough, CEO of The Dessert Ladies and Biens Chocolate Centerpieces, discusses her perseverance through the pandemic and her companies' generous donations to charitable organizations. This clip has been syndicated to 60+ news sites across the U.S. and around the world.
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This Mother-Daughter Team Was Building A Thriving Bakery That Served Corporate Events When The Pandemic Hit. Here’s How They’re Pivoting Successfully.

Mother-daughter team Geraldine Keough and Lindsay Smith were living their dream of running their own bakery, The Dessert Ladies in Stirling, N.J., when the pandemic hit. Focused on creating dessert bars for corporate clients—such as Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, the NFL, Prudential and Northwestern Mutual—they suddenly saw orders slow to a trickle, as business events all but shut down.
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How Small Businesses Have Been Personally Affected by COVID-19

For better or for worse, all small businesses are being affected in some way by COVID-19. To get a sense of the full scope and diverse ways that small businesses have been impacted, we reached out to the fabulous contributor network of business owners, experts, advisors and entrepreneurs.
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Heroes Of The Pandemic: These Customer Service Stars Are Delivering Coronavirus Help

The heroes of the coronavirus pandemic are the doctors, nurses and paramedics working long hours at great risk of exposure. But there are also hundreds of thousands of unsung heroes offering coronavirus help. MORE...
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Sweet success: Dessert Ladies’ focus on corporate clients has its revenue on the rise

As co-owners of Dessert Ladies in Stirling, Geraldine Keough and her daughter, Lindsay Keogh Smith, knew they needed something to set their business apart. “We wanted to have a niche market for ourselves,” Keogh said. They decided to focus on corporate dessert events and custom corporate gifts, as well as celebration cakes and custom treats. MORE...
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‘Dessert Ladies’ donate a heap of sweet treats to veterans, now selling ‘Give Back’ boxes

Geraldine Keogh and Lindsay Smith, the mother-daughter team behind Dessert Ladies in Long Hill, had more than 1,000 sweet treats ready to go a few weeks ago — and no one to eat them. The candy shop’s corporate client, who ordered the desserts for March 13 was being closed down. MORE... Link to Story

Biens CC launches ‘Bien Towers’ customizable chocolate cake truffle

Biens Chocolate Centerpieces has launched patented “Bien Towers” for holiday gifts for customers or clients. MORE...
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Heartwarming Ways People Are Helping Others Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

Just a few days ago, I was full of anxiety, fear and gloom, anxiously awaiting the announcement of every newly diagnosed case of coronavirus. I just couldn’t make sense of what tomorrow— let alone the unforeseeable future — would look like for me and my children. MORE...
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Stylephile: The Dessert Ladies

Irish eyes are smiling in the quaint, spacious shop where the Dessert Ladies fashion a feast of edible treats. MORE...
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Making Sweet Memories

Saving room for dessert has never been more important. The Dessert Ladies, based in Stirling and founded by Irish immigrant Geraldine Keogh, is bringing extravagant, gourmet dessert experiences to its corporate clients. MORE...
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A Tasty Conversation with The Dessert Ladies of Stirling

The holidays mean festive tables piled high with a seemingly endless array of freshly baked desserts. There are the requisite delicious Christmas cookies, of course, but also pies, cakes, and sweet treats of all kinds. But what goes into those delectable desserts that you and your family enjoy? MORE...
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The Dessert Ladies serve up sweet success

Mom and pop stores are a dying breed across the nation, with many not able to compete with big box retailers. But a small family-owned shop in New Jersey is serving up sweet success. MORE...
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